Whether you own a three hundred unit apartment complex or a one thousand square foot single family home, Storm Team Construction is the company to call when you’re in need of quality workmanship!

Will You Meet With My Insurance Company?
Absolutely! For more information about the claims process, click here.

What Kind Of Shingles Do You Use?
We use asphalt shingles in both “3 tab”, and Architectural styles from a variety of manufacturers to suit your needs including, but not limited to, Certainteed, Owens Corning, GAF Elk, and Atlas. If you have a specific manufacturer in mind, we will gladly use your choice of products when available.

Do you tear off the old shingles, or shingle over them?
We always tear off the old materials in order to inspect for rotten or warped wood. This requires much more work, but it is the only way to properly do the job. Leaving on old shingles prevents proper ventilation, and the excess weight causes the roof to sag.

What are architectural shingles and do you use them?
Architectural shingles are a style of shingle that provide superior appearance, and protection for your roof. They give a 3 “dimensional” look to your roof, and are preferred among new home builders. We use and recommend architectural shingles, and if your insurance company does not pay for them, we will make the upgrade as affordable as possible for you.

What is your warranty?
We offer a 3 year warranty on our workmanship, in addition to the manufacturers 25, 30, and 35 year warranty on their product. We also offer extended workmanship warranties through Owens Corning and GAF ELK for 10 year and lifetime periods for an additional cost. **We generally repair, and or replace your current ventilation system according to your insurance companies estimate; however, we can modify, or upgrade your ventilation at your request. Ask your Storm Specialist about the advantages of ridge ventilation, and architectural shingles.