In addition to having three generations working together at Storm Team, we have dedicated ourselves to building a team of co-workers that have become like family!

Chad Simkins

Owner, President (CEO)

BIO: As the owner of Storm Team Construction, I have done every job in the company. I’ve designed and built... read more

Matt Wharton

Vice President (COO)

BIO: As Vice President of Storm Team Construction I solve problems within every department of our company... read more

Mike Simkins

Mortgage Processing Specialist

BIO: Mike greatly speeds up the mortgage process and keeps the rest of the family and staff in line!

Colby Simkins

Project Analyst

BIO: As a Project Analyst for Storm Team Construction, I have spent the last two years trying to help... read more

Emily O'Connell

Human Resources Manager

BIO:As the Human Resources Manager at Storm Team, I am responsible for recruitment and... read more

Jesse Wright

National Sales Manager

BIO: I have been blessed to be a part of this company from day one; from our first residential job to... read more

Clay Burk

National Sales Coordinator

BIO: I think that the greatest part of having a job working with Storm Team is being able to help people... read more

Katerina Grkov

Chief Financial Officer

BIO: As the CFO of Storm Team Construction I have many different daily tasks. In this role, I provide strategic direction, oversee... read more

Melvin Wilson

Quality Control Manager

BIO: I was born in West Point NY at the military base, but I spent some of my childhood in Indiana where most of my... read more

Austin Watts

Florida Operations Manager

BIO: As the Operations Manager for Storm Team’s corporate office in Florida, I am entrusted to oversee numerous departments and... read more

Brandon Edwards

Colorado General Manager

BIO: As the Colorado General Manager my responsibilities, like every other Storm Team member... read more

Kevin Pittman

Florida Production Manager

BIO: As the Florida Production Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the entire building process from start to finish... read more

Kelly Carballo

Operations Assistant

BIO: As the Operations Assistant I handle many aspects of our jobs behind the scenes. read more

Breanna Wilson

Permit Specialist

BIO: I work very closely with Storm Team’s representatives and production team by filing... read more

Scott Lane

Quality Control Specialist

BIO: Working directly with our customers and helping them resolve any issues they may... read more

Suzy Wittman

Accounts Receivable Manager

BIO: As the Accounts Receivable Manager, I work with everyone from Senior Management, Sales Reps... read more

Christa-Lyn Salmonson

Executive Administrative Assistant

BIO: As the Executive Administrative Assistant there is never a dull moment. I help with various things around the office... read more

Chris Theall

Project Manager

BIO: I was born and raised in Greenville, SC so I especially enjoy helping my neighbors and... read more

Dennis Wong

Project Manager

BIO: My first experience with Storm Team Construction came as a customer. I was so impressed... read more

Mike Hoy

Project Manager

BIO: Being a part of a company that really tries to make a difference with their customers is very important... read more

Dwayne Shuler

Project Manager

BIO: As a Project Manager for Storm Team Construction, my job is to assist homeowners... read more

Carl Nagel

Project Manager

BIO: I do sales with STC helping families who have had storm damage to use... read more

Tom Stevens

Project Manager

BIO: Tom moved to Colorado in 2004 with his wife and children after growing up in Southern... read more

Joshua Dreher

Project Manager

BIO: I live in Columbia South Carolina with my wife and two bueatiful children. I enjoy ... read more

Tim Lancelot

Project Manager

BIO: I am a Project Manager in Pueblo Colorado. After spending 15 years in route sales and... read more

Mike Thackston

Project Manager

BIO: My role at Storm Team is to help customers by providing them the service and professionalism ... read more

Chris McMichael

Project Manager

BIO: When I came to work with Storm Team Construction, one of the main deciding factors was... read more

Scott Schmidt

Project Manager

BIO: There are many things that I enjoy as a Project Manager for Storm Team Construction, but... read more

Edward Jefferson

Project Manager

BIO: I am honored to be a part of such a great company. Through this company I've... read more

James Cosman

Project Manager

BIO: Born and raised in the West Palm Beach area. Attended The Kings Academy and... read more

Chris Mailey

Project Manager

BIO: I am a project manager for Storm Team Construction. Born and raised in Philadelphia... read more

Richard Munguia

Project Manager

BIO: I Grew up in fullerton CA and served in the Army for 8 years. I joined Storm Team beacause... read more