Allowing Storm Team Construction to perform an inspection of your property, document the findings, and meet with your insurance company can greatly increase your chances of getting repairs covered!


As homeowners, we want to feel like we can protect our homes from whatever unexpected loss might come our way. We take pride in our property and we expect our insurance companies to be there for us when we need them.

But in far too many cases, we expect wrong!

This is a picture of a roof that was destroyed by hail. Not only were the granules dislodged. Not only was the gutter significantly dented, but this roof had actual holes all throughout the shingles!As a homeowner that pays good money for insurance coverage every single year, you would probably guess (as I once would have) that this insurance company would have covered this loss without a second thought…

Unfortunately not! The insurance adjuster that visited this property claimed that this roof HAD NOT been damaged by hail!

The cost of repairs to this home was far greater than $30,000! That’s thirty thousand hard earned dollars that the homeowner would have had to pay out of his own pocket had he not gotten Storm Team Construction involved!

When we arrived at the property we immediately performed a 47-point inspection. The thoroughness of our inspection is just one of the added benefits to the customer that we enjoy providing to everyone that works with us. While many construction companies would have simply seen the roof as the “main money-maker” and ignored all other damage, we wanted to make sure that this homeowner’s entire property was restored to its original beauty. Those dents in the gutter guards may not have a huge effect on their functionality, but they certainly would cost the property owner thousands of dollars when the time came to sell his home.

After creating a detailed report of the damage, along with a thorough estimate of what it would cost to fix the property, we reached out to the property owner’s insurance company. We also offered to meet with their adjuster on the roof, should they feel our detailed report was not sufficient to justify their paying for the cost of repairs.

You see, the majority of the training that adjusters receive isn’t about properly identifying storm damage. Instead, the bulk of their training consists of learning to identify damagethat can be denied…

Sadly, most insurance companies are in the business of selling promises, and only honoring the ones that they are forced to keep…

We, on the other hand, are in the business of helping homeowners by restoring their property to a better than pre-storm condition.

We do this by training our staff to find damage that will affect the life span, functionality, and/or cosmetics of your home, place of business, or other structures.

There are four very common reasons that insurance adjusters often refuse to pay for a roof claim. They might surprise you.

The first reason is that many adjusters are actually afraid to climb on the roof. In order to pay for the roof, most insurance companies require the adjuster to hand measure everything, as well as climb on all (or most) of the roofs slopes, mark them with chalk and take detailed pictures of the damage.

If you have a two-story roof, or a steep roof, your claim is far more likely to be denied.

We solve this problem by locating the damage before the inspection, and providing detailed measurements to the adjuster upon his arrival. We are often asked by these adjusters to take pictures with their camera as well (so that they don’t have to get on the roof at all). We are there to help any way we can, and they appreciate this.

The second reason that many adjusters deny payment is because it takes a lot less time to deny a claim than it does to pay for it. I’m not saying that all adjusters are lazy. Many of them work 18-hour days. In either case, whether due to laziness, or just an overloaded schedule, I’ve seen many claims denied for no reason other than that the adjuster simply didn’t want to spend the extra 3 hours that was necessary to properly document the damage, create the report, and submit for payment.

Storm Team Construction can solve this problem simply by being present for the adjustment. It’s much harder for an adjuster to refrain from doing his job, when someone else who knows the business is there to hold him accountable. In other words, the adjuster knows that we know what his job really consists of, and if we witness him neglecting his duties… Well, you get the picture.

The third reason might surprise you, but it is a HUGE problem within the insurance industry. It’s job security.

Yes, you read that correctly. As I mentioned earlier, most insurance adjusters are highly trained up on denying claims, and only given a less-than-mediocre education as pertaining to real storm damage and what it looks like.
What makes an adjuster fear for his job, is that insurance companies randomly send out supervisors (also trained to deny claims) to “re-inspect” properties that have been approved for repairs. If the supervisor doesn’t think that an adjuster should have paid for a claim, the adjuster is often fired or demoted. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Storm Team can often solve this problem by helping the adjuster do his job better. Because we find and document the damage before an adjustment, we can take the adjuster directly to the damage that matches his employer’s standards of justifiable loss.

The fourth reason that insurance companies tend to deny claims is the same reason that makes Storm Team Construction such an asset to homeowners. It has to do with knowledge of the repair process. An insurance adjuster may realize that an item is damaged, but because he does not have a working knowledge of the repair process, he will often deny the larger portion of the claim.

I recently went on a re-adjustment for my stepfather at one of his rental properties. The Insurance adjuster that was assigned to the claim, neglected to notify me of the date and time for the original inspection. (This is a common tactic used by adjusters that deny more claims than they approve.) He called my stepfather the next day and told him that he had denied the claim. My stepfather was dumbfounded. The roof was over twenty years old and there were holes in the shingles near the valley (a softer part of the roof that is more susceptible to damage). As far as both of us were concerned, this should have been an open and shut case. I called the adjuster back and demanded a re-inspection as well as let him know that his actions were completely unacceptable.

A week later when he finally found the time to fit me into his busy schedule, we met at the property. As we climbed up the ladder the damage was immediately noticeable. I pointed out the holes in the roof, the dents in the soft metal, and the wind-torn shingles.

The insurance adjuster continued to deny that hail damage was a factor. “I don’t know what put these holes here, but I just can’t believe that it was hail”, he told me, “maybe a squirrel or some other rodent caused it”.

At a younger age, this kind of ridiculous behavior might have surprised me, but not anymore.

Instead of arguing over what constituted hail damage, I went back to the shingles that were clearly torn by wind. There wasn’t any denying this fact. He finally agreed to pay for eleven shingles.

Now this is where a good working knowledge of the repair process comes into play. I pointed out that the roof was over 20 years old and a patch job simply wouldn’t do. The shingles were very old, dry, and brittle. In order to replace them we would have to damage the surrounding shingles. To prove this fact, I asked the adjuster to perform a brittleness test. This is where an adjuster will lift a shingle tab at a 90-degree angle. If the shingle snaps, instead of flexes, it has failed the brittleness test and the roof is irreparable.

The adjuster was forced to pay for a full replacement of the roof.

After hearing all of this, you may be feeling like the odds are stacked against you, even if there is clear evidence that your home has been damaged by a storm. Normally, you would be correct in this assertion, but there is something that you can do that will GREATLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF BEING TREATED FAIRLY when filing an insurance claim!

I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed that it involves using Storm Team Construction, but what you might not realize is that it is absolutely free!

Simply by allowing Storm Team Construction to perform an inspection of your property, document the findings, and meet with your insurance company, you can increase your chances of getting repairs covered through insurance proceeds, by over 70 Percent!

In the case of the owner of the home pictured above, when all was said and done, he ended up with a brand new roof, and a handful of other repairs paid for completely by his insurance company. He saved over thirty thousand dollars all because he chose to get Storm Team Construction involved.

Our free inspection is completely risk free. If the insurance company refuses to replace your roof, or other damaged property, you won’t owe us a cent! And if they do cover it, all that we ask is that you use Storm Team to be the company that performs the work. Does that sound fair enough?

Simply fill out the form below to receive a free, no-obligation, inspection of your property, and we’ll have someone call you within 24 hours.