Chad Simkins

Chad Simkins

Chad & Kira


As the owner of Storm Team Construction, I have done every job in the company. I’ve designed and built new homes, done major remodels, cleaned up at job sites, tarped and patched leaking roofs, dealt with insurance companies, and managed our systems technology and accounting. After a background in sales, real estate, and sales management, I discovered the storm reconstruction and remodeling business. I was happy to find a business that was not only profitable, but that I felt was actually helping people, and providing an honest, valuable service. Storm Team Construction started out very small, with no investors, bank loans, or outside help. I invested my own hard earned money, a little bit at a time. I was committed to run a debt free business that was built on hard work, integrity, and trust. I continue to work to grow the company while at the same time staying committed to treating all of my customers as individuals, not just another invoice.

I am happily married, and the proud father of two boys, Colby and Zion, and a beautiful daughter Madeleine. My wife Kira is my best friend, and my right hand. She has been help to me in administration and human resources. Kira has a degree in interior design and inspired me to branch into major remodeling and renovations, as well as building custom homes from the ground up. Moving forward, we hope to grow this aspect of our company and further serve our customers.
Personally, my favorite pastime is surfing and adventure travel. I’m also an avid Saltwater and Fly fisherman. While traveling to countries such as the Philippines, Panama, Haiti, Costa Rica, and South Africa, for fun, I was shocked at the devastation caused by the combination of poverty and natural disasters. A major storm or earthquake here in the U.S.A. is a heartbreaking tragedy, we’ve all seen the effects. These same types of disasters can cause devastation that lasts for generations in third world countries. I’ve seen it firsthand.There are very little government funds, or trained people to help rescue and rebuild. Orphans roam the streets, and disease runs rampant. That is why we started the Storm Team Foundation ( We want to provide disaster relief to people in these beautiful countries after major storms and natural disasters. Because of your choosing to do business with Storm Team, we have been able to give thousands of dollars, and hundreds of volunteer hours to relief efforts in Haiti, South Africa, the Philippines, and right here in the U.S.A
As a company we will continue to partner with those making a difference by helping those affected by devastating storms, both here in the US, and abroad. We hope you consider getting involved with one of our non-profit organizations, but remember just by choosing to do business with us, you are making it possible for all this to happen!