If you are looking for the kind of job that allows you to earn great money, and help people at the same time, you've come to the right place!


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At Storm Team, We provide real people with real opportunities. Our reps earn great pay and have the freedom to work flexible hours!

I myself began working for Storm Team Construction in 2008 at the age of nineteen, and even though I had very little sales experience, I quickly learned the art of the business. I learned how to talk to people and solve problems for them. I learned how to sell something that is actually needed!
The income that I’ve earned from Storm Team has not only allowed me to pay the bills and enjoy myself, but also to build a solid future for myself and my family!

Storm Team offers the kind of pay that allows motivated individuals the ability to earn, invest and still spend time with the people they love the most. Not only that, but we earn our living by helping people. We perform all kinds of construction, but more than anything, we replace a lot of roofs. Most of our customers are in storm affected areas and are unaware that they need new roofs. We educate our customers on how to work with their insurance companies to pay for their construction needs and in the process we often handle complete remodels for pennies on the dollar. We recently completed a nearly two million-dollar job for less than six thousand dollars, and none of that would have happened had the company we were working for not hired us to be their general contractor.

If you are looking for the kind of job that allows you to earn more money than 80% of Americans today, and help people at the same time, then fill out the online application below! We look forward to hearing from you!

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