Austin Watts

Austin Watts
Accounts Receivable Manager



As an Accounts Receivable Manager for Storm Team, I am entrusted to oversee customer accounts and work with both homeowners and salesmen to make sure we provide the best customer service possible while also collecting the agreed upon balance on every contract. It is my job to make sure that insurance companies are releasing the appropriate amount of funds to our homeowners and I occasionally step in to address customer concerns to help ease any qualms that may be preventing us from processing final payments.
In my short career, I have definitely achieved some remarkable things and worked my way up corporate ladders. However, I have never felt like I really belonged with a company until I found myself in this wonderful position at Storm Team. I pride myself in being a hard worker and this organization truly rewards those who put in the effort, maintain their integrity, and never give up. From the Owner and Vice President, to the General Managers at each of our offices, and to those that I work with on a daily basis, it is incredible how many genuinely good people I am surrounded by.

When I’m not helping run the Accounts Receivable Department, you can find me producing music, attempting to write a novel, working towards creating my first invention or at the local cinema reviewing movies. I also enjoy watching the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat, playing football with friends, having a lazy Sunday with my girlfriend, and working on bettering myself and the world around me whenever I get the opportunities to do so.